Returns & Guarantee Program

We have established a customer satisfaction program designed to enhance the quality of the services and products we provide. ClipKard does not ascribe to a philosophy of obfuscating language designed to mislead our customers in this regard. We have extended every effort to ensure that our guarantee policy is transparent and forthright. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of our customer service representatives for further assistance.

Returns & Refunds

ClipKard patrons should be aware that because our discount cards are pre-owned, we recommend that you use your products as soon as possible in order to maximize card value and minimize secondary market risk. Nevertheless, all gift cards bought or sold by ClipKard are eligible for refund under the specific conditions. Patrons should be aware that any successful refund results in the loss of any earned reward points associated with the refunded product or service. Accumulated reward points can only be applied to future purchases or services offered by ClipKard and are therefore not redeemable for cash.

All authorized refunds will be remitted utilizing the payment method of the original transaction or, if necessary, by an alternative remittance method determined by ClipKard.

Please be aware that once you place an order, it cannot be canceled. Finally, a customer service support ticket must accompany every refund/cancel request.

Buyers Return Policy

Our goal at ClipKard is 100% customer satisfaction. If there is a discrepancy, error or fault in a product or service, through no fault of the customer, ClipKard will provide a refund under the following conditions:

Eligible for Refunds:

  1. Any discrepancy in gift card balance will be fully refunded
  2. Delivered gift card brands differing from the brand ordered
  3. Properly ordered gift cards not received within 30 days of original purchase

Our Return Policy Does Not cover the following conditions:

  1. Customer regret or change of mind
  2. Personal misinterpretation of gift card delivery policy, including method and timing
  3. Incorrect shipping information, provided by customer, resulting in loss of gift cards
  4. Refunds requested after the guarantee time-period has elapsed
  5. Failure to follow outlined refund request procedures
  6. The issuing gift card merchant fails to honor a gift card for reasons such as going out of business or filing for bankruptcy
  7. Delays caused by the shipping service provider (this is specifically true during high volume mailing periods, such as Christmas)

Additionally, please be aware that any product approved and subsequently submitted for refund will be accepted based on the following conditions:

  1. ClipKard receives the refunded gift card in its originally delivered condition.
  2. The gift card remains unused after purchased from ClipKard.
  3. The Gift Card must be redeemable for the amount stated in approved refund claim

Sellers Return Policy

ClipKard values both buyers AND sellers as integral links to our business success. We guarantee prompt payment for the purchase of approved gift card(s) received from sellers. Upon receipt of approved gift card(s), the amount of payment owed will be determined based on the verified value of the card(s) received and the agreed upon rate from the submitted online proposal.

The following criterion applies for the acceptance/approval of gift cards for purchase:

  1. Gift card must be genuine, unaltered and redeemable from the issuing retailer for the amount of credit specified in submitted proposal
  2. Gift card balance, upon transfer to ClipKard, has not been altered
  3. Gift card must have been obtained by lawful means. ClipKard will duly report any fraudulent activity to the appropriate legal authorities and retailers for further criminal and/or civil action

Gift cards not been accepted for purchase will be returned to sellers via a shipping method determined by ClipKard. Sellers will be responsible for the reimbursement of charges related to shipping gift cards to us and for us to return them to the seller.

In the event ClipKard makes payment on a gift card from a seller that is subsequently found to be fraudulent or otherwise misrepresented at the time of sale, ClipKard reserves the right and the Seller agrees to pay, a charge equal to the amount of the purchase price paid, plus an additional $10 processing fee for each card.

60 Day Guarantee Program

Per ClipKard's Terms of Service Agreement, the following conditions apply to receive a refund for the purchase price (excluding savings and/or discount) of a gift card.

The following criterion applies for the acceptance/approval of gift cards for purchase:

  1. Gift cards that are not active
  2. Gift cards with an inaccurate balance
  3. Gift card brand differs from the brand ordered
  4. Gift cards not received within 30 days from the date of purchase
  5. Gift cards purchased are discovered to be invalid or declined

The following conditions are not covered by our 60-day Guarantee Policy:

  1. Guarantee requests received after the guarantee time-period expires
  2. Purchaser changes mind
  3. Purchaser's failure to understand the gift card delivery method or delivery time
  4. Purchaser's failure to understand redemption policy for a specific gift card
  5. Purchaser lost or misplaced gift cards
  6. Gift cards resold on any platform other than our site
  7. Gift cards that are no longer honored when a retailer goes out of business or files for bankruptcy
  8. Purchaser fails to follow provided written procedures for returning gift cards or claiming a refund
  9. Failing to apply a promotional code before a purchase

ClipKard reserves the right and maintains sole discretion to terminate or suspend any buyer or seller we believe has abused or has attempted to abuse the ClipKard 60-Day Guarantee policy. We will report any such abuse to the appropriate legal authorities.