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How ClipKard Works

It's easy to get started at ClipKard. For those in the market for gift cards, just place your selections in your shopping cart and check-out when you're ready. If you want to sell us your gift cards, tell us what you have and we will make you an offer. With just a few clicks, ClipKard is ready to serve your gift card needs.

Top Reasons to Choose Clipkard

Simple Shopping

In addition to great deals, bargain prices and fantastic discounts, you want the promise of ease and convenience of online shopping. We understand this and we have incorporated these expectations into the ClipKard Experience. Unlike other discount sites, the ClipKard portal is purposefully designed to enhance your ability to utilize our services. We have eliminated the eye clutter so prevalent on other sites and replaced this with easily identifiable subject areas, organized in a manner that optimizes navigation. We want your personal experience to be favorable with every click at ClipKard.

Large Collection

To put it simply, we have what you are looking for. We do not claim to have the largest inventory in the industry, nor do we need to. Our "size doesn't matter" philosophy emphasizes quality over quantity. As a result, our inventory is well stocked with all the most popular, in demand, retail selections that you would expect to find. In addition, we are continually adding new cards to our inventory in order to provide you with the newest gift cards available. And, because we want to serve you, if we don't happen to have a selection you desire, let us know!

Best Discounts

We do not just buy and sell gift cards. Rather, as a part of the ClipKard Experience, we provide you with the best gift card discounts in the industry. This is not simply marketing hype on our part. Indeed, a bit of competitive price comparison will tell the discounting tale. Essentially, what you will find is that the ClipKard brand is synonymous with the 'best deals ever'!

Our team keeps close tabs on the discount gift card market in order to ensure our rates are competitively low - just one more reason ClipKard is the one stop gift card destination of choice.

If you can find any gift card rate online that beats our prices and rates, let us know and we'll happily make the adjustments so you continue to get the best price in addition to your bonus reward points!

Earn Rewards

The ClipKard Experience is about maximizing your value. This is particularly evident with our innovative, one-of-a-kind reward system – that honestly, widens the value gap between us and those other 'discount guys'.

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At ClipKard, you earn reward points with EVERY transaction you make. Whether you are purchasing gift cards or selling them to us, you will garner reward points that you can then cash in for even bigger discount deals.

Free Shipping

As you have come to expect with Clipkard, we have a unique shipping offer that applies to both buyers and sellers. After all, it is the contribution of both groups of consumers that makes the ClipKard Experience a viable enterprise as a 'Next-Level' service. Shipping is free for all of your gift card purchases. As for those who have gift cards they want to sell, we will pay for USPS First Class shipping. We also provide sellers with the ability to choose to ship their gift cards by USPS Priority Shipping (sellers are responsible for Priority Shipping fees only).

60-Day Guarantee

Your satisfaction is the foundational center of our business model. If you're not happy with our services, we want to resolve your dissatisfaction as quickly as possible. For this reason, we provide a 60-day guarantee on the total value of your cards. We do not utilize a sliding scale reimbursement rate that devalues a purchase that you are not satisfied with. , we want you to understand exactly what is going on and not 'hide' anything in the small print.

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