Delivery & Shipping Policy

The Shipping method for gift cards is determined by the type of gift card purchased. All gift cards are shipped within 24hrs of receiving the order. Physical cards will be shipped free of charge using the USPS or a third party carrier that we choose.

Electronic Gift Cards: Electronic Gift cards are transferred directly to you ClipKard account for redemption online. These are just gift card credentials that can be used while shopping online.

Physical Gift Cards: Physical gift cards can be redeemed in store. In some cases, they can be used online as well( please contact your local retailer for more information). They are delivered via USPS within 5 - 8 business days.

Printable Gift Cards: Printable gift cards can be redeemed in-store. You can print it at home and take it to the store, or show it on your mobile phone. They are delivered electronically to your ClipKard Account just like Electronic Gift Cards

ClipKard is not responsible or liable for delays caused by the USPS or a third party carrier.ClipKard is not responsible for shipment to the wrong address if you have failed to update your ClipKard account registration with your new shipping address.